Why do I want it?

Focus on numbers

In Li Song Mechlab you can configure your BattleMech and get all the important statistics before you buy your equipment. Don’t leave anything to chance – Be prepared.

Li Song Mechlab (LSML) is an EFT inspired 'Mech loadout creation and analysis tool for PGI's Mechwarrior: Online game.

The core design goal of LSML is to give you the numbers you need to make the best loadouts for MWO, and doing it effortlessly. We live by #nobullshitjustrawdata.

LSML differs from other similar tools such as Smurfy by the amount and accuracy of information it gives you.

LSML is an offline application which means that you will always have access to it even when you don't have Internet access. It will automatically read game data from your MWO install (if you have one) to give you up-to-date information from the latest patch.

Takes into account

  • Weapon damage, heat and cool down.
  • Burn time for lasers.
  • Time between rounds of Clan ACs and Clan LRMs.
  • Engine heat, heat capacity and cooling ratio.
  • 'Mech quirks.
  • ‘Mech efficiencies: Cool Run, Heat Containment, Double Heat Sinks, Double Basics, Fast Fire.
  • Pilot efficiencies and equipped pilot modules.
  • Targeting computers will affect range, heat and DPS.
  • Double fire of Ultra AC type weapons and jamming probability.
  • Spread of LB-X type ACs and machine guns are taken into account to show the true DPS profile.
  • Charge time of Gauss rifle.
  • And more!

LSML will show you

  • Maximal sustained DPS over range for optimal firing pattern.
  • Which weapons are used to achieve optimal DPS at every range.
  • Ghost heat from your weapons.
  • Time to overheat and how much damage you can do in a burst window (at a specific range).
  • How long it will take for the 'Mech to cool from 100% heat.
  • How much total damage your ammunition will do and how long the ammunition will last.
  • How likely your ammunition and other equipment are to be destroyed when your components are being shot at.
  • Mobility information such as turning speed, top speed and acceleration profiles.
  • The maximal payload tonnage for all chassis at every speed.
  • ‘Mech chassi quirks and omnipod specific quirks.



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As a patreon you help LSML to stay as an active project with frequent improvements. You also get to influence what new features will be added and have a big say in the future of the project. At the time of writing LSML consists of over 67 thousand lines of code, written by a professional software engineer over three years and around 2000 hours.

LSML is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) licensed under GPL-3.




LSML is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

Used 3rd Party Libraries

LSML uses several open source libraries, these are listed below with their respective licenses. If I've missed anything, please let me know and I will fix it immediately.

Other Legalese

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